Where Quality Breeds Success

Rodgers Livestock have been breeding the cream of the crop for over Twenty Years. Check out our roll of honour:

Maidenlands Verity
Maidenlands Verity
Hillhead Tracy
Hillhead Tracy
Gregors Janet
Gregors Janet

1988 – Balmoral Show, Supreme Champion Sandbrook Tracy, female champ. Sandbrook Tracy

Sandbrook Tracey
Sandbrook Tracey

1989 – Balmoral Show, Supreme Champion Sandbrook Tracy. Female Champion Sand
brook Tracy

1990 – Balmoral Show Champion Female, Sandbrook Bunty, Reserve Champion Female, Sandbrook Tracy. Supreme Champion Sandrook Bunty, Res Supreme Champion Sandbrook Tracy.

1992 – Royal Ulster, Res Supreme Champ, Sandbrook Bunty. Res. Champion, Female Bunty. Champion Male, Hillhead Clint.

1993 – Balmoral Show, Male Champion Hillhead Clint

1994 – Balmoral Show, Female Champion Hillhead Iris

1997 – Balmoral Show, Breed Champion, Romer Major

1998 – Royal Highland, Champion Gregors Janet

2000 – Balmoral, Champion Gregors Janet. Royal Highland Overall Breed , Gregors Janet, and InterBreed Champion of Champions, RUAS.  Royal Show Stonleigh Overall Breed Champion

2002 – Balmoral Show, Female Champion Gregors Janet. Overall Blonde Champion Gregors Janet, & Interbreed Champion of Champions

2003 – Balmoral Show, Reserve Male Champion Hillhead Tonto, Reserve Female Champion , Hillhead Tracy

2005 – Balmoral Show Breed Champion and female Champion Hillhead Tracy

2006 – Balmoral Show Interbreed Champion of Champions, Breed Champion and Female Champion Hillhead Tracy

2007 – RUAS Female Champion and Royal Highland Show. Breed Champion Maidenlands Verity

2009 – Balmoral Breed Champion and Female Champion

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